Taking care of your taps and sink!

Taking care of your LUHAUSE taps & sink!


Tap Care

  1. A simple easy wipe over with a soft cloth using dish washing suds.  Rinse off and dry, again with a soft cloth.
  2. Do not use any cream cleaners or bleach products as this can spoil the finish and void your warranty.
  3. If the cloth has been previously used for bleach ensure it has been thoroughly cleaned before using on your taps.
  4. Never use abrasive cloths or steel wool cleaners.
  5. The finish on your taps and sink are part of your warranty so please take care with cleaning and maintenance.


Sink Care

All LUHAUSE sinks are handmade from 304 stainless steel and will deliver years of faithful service.  All of the above tips for taps will work for your sink. However all stainless steel sinks need care and protection from sharp metal objects such as knives and blades which can leave small scratches.

Consider accessories such as sink protectors and cutlery baskets. Regular care with non-abrasive stainless steel cleaners or purpose prepared metal polishes is recommended.


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